Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

Ariyana Maulana

Head veterinarian, Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation, Indonesia

Dr Ariyana Maulana was born 11th April 1970 and graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at IPB University in 1995. He has worked as a veterinarian at  the Animal Health Division of Artha Graha Peduli since 1995 and as head veterinarian at the Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC), Indonesia, since 2012.  Duties and responsibilities at the TWNC centre include rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife – especially Sumatran tiger, implementing health programs to maintain overall health of captive wildlife during rehabilitation, following biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction of infectious diseases, and implementing biocontainment strategies to minimize the spread of disease. Dr Maulana also supports and facilitates TWNC’s ranger team to conduct wildlife monitoring and identification.