Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

Ekaterina Blidchenko

TRNGO “Center for Rehabilitation of Tigers and Other Rare Animals” , Alexeevka, Russian Far East

Ekaterina Blidchenko was born in Moscow and passed her childhood in the woods nearby.

From an early age she understood that she would dedicate her life to studying and protecting wildlife. Of particular importance in her life are animals – “They are always my companions and friends”.

Educated at the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, KI Skryabina, Ekaterina graduated from two faculties (Zooengineering and Veterinary), and the theme of her thesis was: “Reintroduction of large predators on the example of a wolf.” Period of study between 2004-2014.

In 2007–2011 she worked at the biological station “Clean Forest” in a project to study the behavior of wolves. From 2012-2015, she worked at the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, A.N. Severtsova Russian Academy of Sciences, and in 2012 moved to live and work in Primorsky region, in the Trans-Regional Non-Governmental Organization “Center for Rehabilitation of Tigers and Other Rare Animals” (TRNGO Center “Tiger”) until 2019. In this center the main direction of her work was rehabilitation, reintroduction and behavior of big cats. Since 2016, Ekaterina has been an employee of the “Land of the Leopard” National Park, in Primorsky Krai, Russian Far East, where she currently works as an engineer-researcher in the department of science.