Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

John Lewis

Wildlife Vets International - Senior veterinary partner

John Lewis has been a senior veterinary partner to Wildlife Vets International since its formation in 2005, a partner in the International Zoo Veterinary Group since 1990, and is the originator and editor of the Wild Tiger Health Centre website.

Specialising in the veterinary aspects of the larger cat species, John is the veterinary advisor to the European breeding programmes for Amur leopards, Amur tiger and Sumatran tiger; the European Felid Taxon Advisory Group and the Sumatran tiger & Amur leopard Global Species Management Plans.

Supported by Wildlife Vets International, John has been involved with a range of activities relating to the conservation of large felids, providing clinical, disease investigation, training and research services to field staff in many countries. He is veterinary advisor to the Amur leopard reintroduction programme in the Russian Far East and in the European zoos involved, and leader of the team effort that produced the comprehensive disease risk analysis for the programme. His in situ activities have included:

  • Field seasons with Wildlife Conservation Society-Russia from 2006 to 2012, trapping, radiocollaring & conducting health assessments of Amur leopard, Amur tiger and Asiatic black bears.
  • Field seasons with Zoological Society of London-Indonesia, 2003–2006 & 2013 – trapping, radiocollaring & conducting health assessments of Sumatran tigers, tapir and macaques.
  • Veterinary support services to the Alexeevka tiger and leopard rehabilitation centre, Russian Far East since 2015.
  • Collaborating in disease risk analyses relevant to wild tiger populations’ in Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India.

John has been an IUCN Cat Specialist Group member since 2002