Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

Misha Gonchuruk

Primorski State Academy of Agriculture; ANO AMUR; TRNCO Tiger Rehabilitation Centre

Mikhail Goncharuk graduated as a vet from Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy in 2006. Since 2007 he has devoted his life to wildlife veterinary issues and participates in various wildlife conservation/study projects as a vet. He has had experience of trapping, anesthesia, sampling and radio-collaring of large and meso-carnivores of Russian Far East, including wild Amur tigers. Since 2008 Mikhail has worked for the Zoological Society of London – Russia as a field vet for their Amur Leopard and Wildlife Health project (an important component of the Amur leopard reintroduction program), which also includes work with wild tigers. In 2013 Mikhail started being involved with the veterinary aspects of Amur tiger rehabilitation at the TRNGO “Center “Tiger”, and since 2015 has routinely being engaged as an anesthetist there. Since 2016 Mikhail also works as an assistant in the post mortem examination of wild tigers at the Wildlife Diagnostic Veterinary Center, Primorskaya State Agricultural Academy in Ussuriisk.