Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

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Anaesthetic Consumables List

Please find below a list of basic anaesthetic consumables suitable for use in tigers.

Anaesthetic record sheets HIGH Clip board is useful
Antiseptic hand wash or gel HIGH
Bandages: non-sterile
Bandages: self-adhesive Made from material which sticks to itself, but not to tissue - eg: "Vetwrap"
Bandages to secure endotracheal tubes Strips of bicycle rubber inner tubes are suitable
Blood collection tubes with EDTA anticoagulant HIGH For haematology. eg: "Vacutainers"
Blood collection tubes with no anticoaguant HIGH For preparation of serum. eg: "Vacutainers"
Bubble wrap insulation material For cold conditions - keeping IV drips, drugs & equipment warmer. Large pieces can be used as a thermal blanket.
Butterfly needles HIGH 18, 20 & 22 guage
Cable ties Generally useful
Clinical waste bags HIGH
Clipper spray To lubricate clipper blades
Disposable gloves HIGH Various sizes
Gaffer or Duck tape Generally useful
Eye lubricant - aqueous HIGH eg: "Viscotears"
Intravenous cannulas HIGH Various sizes
Intravenous drip giving sets HIGH For administration of intravenous fluids
Intravenous fluids HIGH eg: "Hartmann's" or Lactated Ringers
KY or other lubricant gel HIGH To lubricate endotracheal tubes
Marker pens and pencils HIGH For labeling samples and pre-filled emergency drug syringes
Needles - sterile HIGH Various sizes. Suggested 23g, 21g, 19g, 18g & 16g
Needles - sterile, extra long HIGH Extra long needles for intracardiac injections during attempts to reverse anaesthetic emergencies
Scalpel blades - disposable HIGH Many uses including removal of barbed dart needles
Silver nitrate pencils
Surgical spirit HIGH
Sutures - absorbable HIGH Various sizes. eg Ethicon "Vicryl" 2/0
Swabs - non-sterile HIGH
Syringes - sterile HIGH 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml
Tissue glue Various available, but conventional "Superglue" can be used
Ziplock bags HIGH Double zip type preferably