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Anti-parasite drugs (“Parasiticides”)

In captive tigers many anti-parasite drugs are given as oral medications in food over several days. This is clearly not a practical approach for treating a free-ranging tiger in the field that will be released on the same day as capture. However, in the majority of cases it wouldn’t be appropriate to do so anyway – there is no need to eliminate parasites unless the burden is exceptionally high and thought to be causing a clinical problem. In such cases single injection treatments are more useful, but for many individuals suffering from exceptionally high parasite burdens there is likely to be an underlying medical problem which should be identified as a priority. 

ParasiteDrugDose rateCommentsRefs
Nematodes (Roundworms):Albendazole7.5mg/kg POSingle dose
Fenbendazole20mg/kg PO, q24hrs x 5 daysAscarids, Hookworms. Can be given at the same time as praziquantel.
Levamisole5mg/kg PO, IMSingle dose
Ivermectin0.2mg/kg SC, IM, POSingle dose
Mebendazole15mg/kg PO, q24hrs x 3-5 days
Pyrantel pamoate3-5mg/kg PO, q24hrs x 3-5 daysCan be given at the same time as praziquantel
Cestodes (Tapeworms):Fenbendazole20mg/kg PO, q24hrs x 5 days
Niclosamide100-200mg/kg PO
Praziquantel5mg/kg SC, POSingle dose
Praziquantel8mg/kg Spot-onSingle dose
Trematodes (Flukes):Praziquantel5mg/kg PO, SCSingle dose. Praziquantel suppresses shedding of Paragonimus eggs but is unlikley to clear adult flukes.
Protozoa:Fenbendazole50mg/kg PO, q24hrs x 5 daysv's Giardia
Metronidazole20-25mg/kg PO, q12hrs x 5 days
Sulphadimethoxine50mg/kg POv's Coccidia
Ectoparasites:*Ivermectin0.2mg/kg SC, IM, POBroad spectrum v's endo- and ecto-parasites. Single dose
*Fipronil10mg/kg, topical spray, q1 month
*Fluralaner25mg/kg PO, q3 monthsv's Fleas, Mites & Ticks.
*Imidacloprid10-20mg/kg topical, q1month
*Moxidectin + imidaclopridCommercially available preformulated for spot on as ‘Advocate’

*These drugs are neurotoxic insecticides with high environmental persistence. There may be environmental risks associated with their use due to their impact on non-target insects.