Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

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Disease threat: Electrocution

Hazard description: Receipt of electric shock from human installations, or from lightning strike.

Host species: Any.

Pathogenesis: Electrocution may cause skin burns and may cause cardiac arrest and death.

Diagnosis: Sudden death, +/- scorching evidence.

Vaccination: Not applicable.

Free-ranging tiger occurrence: Anecdotal reports exist of electrocution from illegal electric fences for crop protection in Madhya Pradesh, India (Naveeni 2017). TigerNet website https://tigernet.nic.in/index.html also reports the death of a male tiger cub outside a tiger reserve in Nagjhloa Village, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, India in January 2018.

Distribution: Anywhere. Storms with severe lightning may be more likely in tropical areas.

Assumptions: Not applicable.

Limitations: Not applicable.