Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

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Reports from the field

Reports of interventions made to remove tigers from conflict situations are given here. These are illustrations of the value of planning, teamwork, risk assessment and how a professional approach should be applied. Documentation of these events allows lessons to be learnt from experience, and hopefully provides useful information and guidance to others. Different situations, habitats and local capacity will inevitably mean that effective solutions will vary across tiger range countries, and reports from other tiger response teams are invited (please contact the WTHC here)

Dr Dushyant Sharma: Philibhit tigress rescue 09-Jun-20

Dr Dushyant Sharma: Male tiger rescue in Corbett Tiger Reserve 07-Sep-19

Dr Dushyant Sharma: Capture & translocation of male tiger from Corbett Tiger Reserve 15-Nov-19