Wild Tiger Health Project
Created by Dr John C M Lewis

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Examination of skin & fur

Examine the skin and coat thoroughly, observing and recording any abnormalities:

Examine the skin and coat all over for ectoparasites, areas of inflammation (dermatitis), lacerations, punctures, injuries, bullet wounds, abnormalities of the hair and dermatoses (non-inflammatory diseases of the skin). Photographs should be taken of any skin lesions/ fur loss and notes made as to their location on the cat. Any ectoparasites (ticks, lice, mites) seen should be collected for identification and placed in ethanol.

If any lesions of non-traumatic character are detected on the skin or hair, scrapings can be taken for parasitological tests. Biopsies of lesions can also be diagnostically useful. (See Sampling and Testing for Health Screening).